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  Guangdong Yonglijian Aluminum Co。, Ltd  is the earlier  and larger  specialized  aluminum manufacturer in Guangdong Province。 Foshan Gaoming Yong Li Jian Aluminum Co。, Ltd is located in Yanghe Area of Changjiang Industrial Zone in Gaoming District of Foshan City。 It is a large enterprise developed from Yong Li Jian Aluminum Co。, Ltd in 2004 that specializes in manufacturing various architectural, decorative and industrial aluminum, door, window, curtain wall design, processing and mounting constructions。

  For years, Yong Li Jian Aluminum has been sticking to the guideline of "independent innovation, technological improvement and survival of the fittest" to practically provide quick, excellent service for the customers。 With the favor from customers all over the world, the hard work of the management and the support from the shareholders, all the employees of Yong Li Jian have worked hard to develop Yong Li Jian into a famous brand。The quality is worth your reliance; the products are benefits to all and favored by all; the name is strong like a stone standing in the world。 As a brand of aluminum in China with a long history, “Yong Li Jian” has won consistent affirmation from global users。

  Yong Li Jiang will become a team pursuing perfection in the future。 The company insists on permanent innovation, faithful service, leading technology and wining by high quality。 Object: share interests with customers, shareholders and the employees。 Company spirit: permanent innovation, benefits to the world and people, firm pursuit, aesthetic and sincere, keep competitive superiority with innovative minds and insist on creating a bright future with a technical, production and sales team and faithful customers all over the world。

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